Thursday, 11 August 2016


In the past 2 years there have been moments of INTENSE difficulty. At times it felt as though I was being pushed beyond my limits... the day that the Lord gave me Job 38 & 39 was the day I stopped mumbling, stopped complaining; for after all, who am I to darken His counsel by words without knowledge? 

I girded up my loins that day - like a (wo)man - and I considered once more His Sovereignty in my life; this time from a different perspective. 

I found complete peace in Him that day and in the midst of the chaos surrounding me, I was able to surrender completely to His perfect will. "If it pleases you Lord, it pleases me." This became my motto as I went my way back into the chaos that seemed to be my life. Not much has changed in my circumstances, since that day. But I changed. He brought something out of me that could only possible surface through the furnace of refinement. He didn't make the burden lighter, the road easier or bring about the outside change that I had desperately been waiting for but something amazing happened... 

He changed me:

He showed me what I'm made of. 
He showed me what He poured into me before the foundations of the earth. I was there, you know. Predestined for greatness - for His glory though, not my own. 
He showed me His power, made perfect in my weakness and what could be achieved by just trusting Him.
He showed me how to hold my peace.
He showed me how to forgive.
He showed me how to love. 
He showed me that is grace really is sufficient and how it would be all that I would ever need and so much more!
He showed me that it is okay to be weak so that His strength could be what carried me.

He took my mourning and gave me the oil of JOY!
He took the spirit of heaviness that was weighing me down and gave me His garment of PRAISE!

And finally, HE called me BEAUTIFUL and showed me how that I belonged to HIM and therefore would never be in need.